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: : Nutrition

at Soul, good nutrition is the foundation for good health. our internationally qualified health dietician will assist, diagnose and treat diet and nutrition problems at an individual level. eating a proper, nutritious diet offers numerous health benefits that keep you mentally and physically well. proper nutrition doesn’t mean starving yourself, but instead means eating a diet balanced in lean proteins, carbs and fats.

some of the very important benefits of good nutrition can result in wellness of heart health, bone and teeth strength, energy, brain health and weight control. a controlled study by universität Innsbruck (austria) revealed that combining exercise and nutritional counseling led to significant weight loss in obese children, even without caloric reduction.

:: nutrition programs

  • weight management

  • diabetes management

  • joint pain relief

  • harmonal imbalance

  • obesity and weight gain in children

  • pcod / pcos conditions

  • hair loss

  • hypo / hyperthyroid

  • constipation

  • post natal

: : Why is Proper Nutrition Important?

Nutrition is not just about eating less buts it’s more about eating the right amount of food at the right time as per individuals lifestyle, age, gender, blood group etc. So nutrition combined in the life management helps us to understand and strike a balance between lifestyle and health issues.

Proper Nutrition helps one to become fitter, energetic and enhance thought process with positive results. Clinical nutrition gives us a complete health program in today’s demanding lifestyle.

  • Weight management
  • Diabetes management
  • Joint pain relief
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Obesity and weight gain in children
  • PCOD
  • Hair loss
  • Hypo/Hyper thyroid
  • Constipation
  • Pregnancy
  • Post natal

OK now let’s not make this interaction between us just a boring nutritional information 90% of which you might have read many times, which goes back to shelf. We will make it a more interactive session between you and me.

Let’s see who wants to improve the way your body looks, the way it feels and the way it performs, if you wish to achieve all this simultaneously then list down your nutritional rules followed by you in the past attempts, successful or not at changing your body. When you list all this you realise that most of the rules are influenced sub-consciously by friends, a good article in newspaper or a glossy magazine, commercial on TV or either influenced from people who know little about good nutrition.

Let’s change the rules. The most important rule - Food is not bad we need to take the best nutrition quality of right food for us. To get deeper in the subject we need to know ourselves.

Ask yourself few questions.

  • Are you taking the right food at right time?
  • Has your present diet stopped your food craving?
  • Are you feeling energetic and fitter by following your present diet?
  • Has your hair and skin become healthier due to your present diet?
  • Are you comfortable with you digestion?

If you are answering no for more than half of the above queries...time has come to reconsider your rules.

Changing rules would imply making changes in how to eat to reap the health rewards .You shall improve your mood, sense of wellbeing, quality of sleep, increased efficiency in day to day activity and also under special conditions and off-course the way you look.

: : Never skip a breakfast:

After a catabolic overnight fast, a balanced breakfast helps to regulate blood sugar, energy balance which controls late-day food cravings that leads to over feeding on processed high fat and high sugar food.

: : Eat every 2 to 3 hours

We do not need to eat full meals every two to three hours but you need to eat six to eight small meals which ensure better distribution of calories throughout the entire day.

: : Eat right for your blood group type :

Your blood type is the key that unlocks the door to the mysteries of health, disease, longevity, physical vitality and emotional strength. Your blood type determines your susceptibility to illness, food to eat and which exercise regime to be chosen. It is a factor in your energy level, the efficiency by which you burn calories your emotional response to stress and perhaps even your personality. A chemical reaction occurs between blood and food you eat thus your blood group definitely determines your diet.

: : Add good fats to your meals:

Never eliminate fat totally from your diet. There are three types of fat- Saturated, mono - saturated and poly- saturated. Forget the old saying “Eating fat makes you fat”. In fact eating all the three kinds of fat in for the healthy balance even help you to lose fat.

: : Drink up:

Water is your best friend. It keeps your body hydrated, your stomach full and flushes out all its toxins. Make sure you drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. And if you want to take it one step further season your water by warming it with mint leaves and ginger. It will help you to reach your slimmer waist faster

: : De-tox your system regularly :

De-tox is majorly misunderstood as dehydrating your system by taking a laxative, purgative or an enema. De-tox in real sense is either to add the de-toxifying food in every day diet or once in a week follow de-toxifying food diet, which cleanses your all systems and give nutrients in bargain to increase efficiency of all your metabolic process.

So reward yourself and your dear ones a whole month of life style management and nutrition session worth Rs. 5000/- only at SOUL Beauty & Wellness Centre LLP. The above session includes four consultations (personal or online) one diet per week.

Contact: Hemlata Rathi Clinical Nutritionist SOUL Beauty & Wellness Centre LLP. 9346065095 / 9849065095.